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Riverview School District has adopted a new behavior model known as Riverview Pride & Behavior Code.
This program combines the SWPBIS (School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) and Olweus Bullying Prevention programs. The result is having a clear definition of expectations and what procedures are in place when expectations are not followed. It ensures district-wide consistency by streamlining the discipline procedures and making expectations easier to understand for staff, parents, and students.

Riverview Pride & Behavior Code

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible!

As students in the Riverview School District, we show:

We are ready, respectful, and responsible for ourselves by:

*Taking responsibility for our own belongings

*Following school rules and being responsible for our learning

We are ready, respectful, and responsible for our learning by:

*Listening and showing respect to all adults and classmates

*Participating in class activities

*Showing pride and completing tasks with care

*Giving our best effort to all tasks

*Celebrating achievements

We are ready, respectful, and responsible for each other by:

*Showing kindness and consideration

*Including everyone in activities

*Speaking politely and showing good manners

*Accepting each other’s differences

*Resolving disputes peacefully

We are ready, respectful, and responsible for our school by:

*Representing our school with pride

*Caring for our learning environment

*Speaking positively about our school



School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support
The Riverview School District will continue to use the SWPBIS framework for the 2013-2014 school year at Verner, Tenth Street and the Junior/Senior High School. The district team comprised of teachers, para-professionals, and administration, chose three expectations to focus on:

1. Be Ready

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible

These three expectations will be defined for each area of the building, explicitly taught to every student and reinforced to promote a positive school environment where every child can focus on learning.

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