About Us

The Riverview School District is a small public school district serving the Pittsburgh suburbs of Oakmont and Verona Pennsylvania.

Riverview School District encompasses approximately 1.5 square miles and services approximately 1,000 students. Riverview is comprised of 3 neighborhood schools: Junior Senior High School for grades 7-12, and two elementary schools for grades K-6.


Serious Commitment to Student Success

Recognizing the importance of providing our students with life long learning skills, the Riverview School District's vision is to prepare each student for a successful collegiate education and/or employment within the global workforce. We pledge to do this through a commitment to competitive academic programming, personalized attention, and by providing our students with a variety of learning opportunities that assist each of them with discovering their talents and potential. By committing ourselves to this vision, we strive to be one of the most academically competitive school districts in the region.
Shared Beliefs 
1. We believe in establishing systems to ensure a safe, respectful, learning community.
2. We are committed to data informed decision making, competitive academic excellence, and continuous improvement; we hold high standards and believe that effort and integrity are essential.
3. We are a community committed to providing diverse opportunities in academics, activities, arts and athletics to meet the unique talents and needs of our students. 
4. We are an educational community that believes in the value of fostering leaders and life long learners.
5. We recognize the individual talents and needs of each student and support each child to reach their potential. 
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