About Us

Who We Are

Riverview is a small public school district serving the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania suburbs of Verona and Oakmont. The District encompasses approximately 1.5 square miles and services approximately 1,000 students. Riverview is comprised of 3 neighborhood schools: the Junior Senior High School which serves students in grades 7-12, and our two elementary schools (Verner Elementary School and Tenth Street Elementary School) which serve students in grades K-6. Our tight knit community takes the education and development of our young people seriously.  We love Riverview and are certainly Raider proud!
Small School, Big Opportunities

A community-centered, artisan shop approach to teaching the critical skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to succeed in an ever-changing global society.  

Overarching Themes and Goals:
  1. Safe, Secure, and Prepared Schools
  2. Academic Excellence and Individualized Student Growth
  3. A Positive, Supportive, and Inclusive Climate and Culture
  4. College and Career Ready Students
  5. Short and Long Term Future Planning
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