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Statement on Political Affiliations and School Logos

The Riverview School District is a public entity serving a diverse population of students, staff, parents, and community members. As such, the District holds no political affiliation. Additionally, the use of all District logos should be in accordance with the Riverview School District Branding Guide and with the full consent and permission of the District Administration.

Message on School Safety

The Riverview School District sees the safety of our students and staff as our top priority. We have a detailed and extensive confidential safety plan that encompasses all situations that could happen in our schools. This plan is shared with our local law enforcement and emergency personnel and is reviewed yearly as a part of our partnership with them.  We hold emergency drills on a monthly basis in collaboration with our local law enforcement and first responders and we engage our staff in ongoing training.  Riverview facilities have been updated to maximize safety and security, and we hold safety meetings with multiple stakeholders on a monthly basis.  Ultimately, our goal is to ensure we continue to stay safe, educated, well-informed, and proactive as we work collaboratively to meet the many challenges of our society. 


The Riverview Administration

2021-2024 Special Education Plan

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is responsible for ensuring that all special education programs in schools are appropriate, compliant, and effective. To do this, the Riverview School District must submit a Special Education Plan every three years to PDE as required under 22 PA Code 14.104.  The attached plan is the draft copy of the proposal from Riverview School District  for the 2021-22 to 2023-24 school years. Timelines were adjusted by PDE because of COVID.  Please contact Dr. Christina Monroe ([email protected]) with any questions or concerns.

NEW: Free Meal Waiver Set to Expire in June

Child Nutrition waivers implemented by the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic are set to expire this summer. One of the most important waivers was the Seamless Summer Food Program (SSO), which provided all students with free meals (both breakfast and lunch), regardless of income status. This waiver is set to expire on June 30, 2022. An extension is possible, but not guaranteed. Please be aware that upon expiration of this waiver, meals will no longer be free to all families and may need to complete free/reduced meal applications in order to qualify for such meals.

Verner Elementary School is exempt from this requirement as it operates under the Community Eligibility Provision and receives free meals.

2021-22 Riverview School District State of the District Report

The Riverview School District has released the 2021-2022 State of the District Report. This report provides a comprehensive yearly overview of the District, including demographics, academic performance, finance, building and grounds, accolades, and goals and initiatives for the upcoming year. Please share this document with others and spread the word regarding the world class education we provide. We thank the Board of Education, our outstanding Staff, and our supportive community for providing the nurturing environment that only a family like ours can generate. We certainly have much to celebrate!
2021-22 Riverview School District Health & Safety Plan

The Riverview School District has released an updated Health and Safety Plan for the 2021-22 school year to meet the educational needs of students while ensuring their healthy and safety amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To review the updated Riverview School District Health and Safety Plan, 
Vaccinations for Students 5 Years of Age and Older

The Walgreens in Oakmont (324 Hulton Road) is providing vaccine scheduling for adolescents. Click here to visit the Walgreens website to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines for children 5 years and older were recently approved and vaccine distributions are expected to adhere to the change in the coming days. Stay tuned for more information on our COVID-19 Resources & Updates page.

Please note: A parent or legal guardian is needed to complete registration for children.

For Right-to-Know request information, 
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Riverview School District Emergency Procedures
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Emergency Notification Service

We have adopted an Emergency Notification Service which allows us to send a telephone message to student homes providing important information about school events or emergencies. We are using this system to notify parents of school delays or cancellations due to inclement weather. In the event of an emergency at school, parents can have peace of mind knowing that they will be informed immediately by phone.

Unplanned School Closings, Delays, or Early Dismissals
On any given day, parents and staff are urged to use caution when making the decision to drive or walk over snow and ice covered roads.

Alma Mater
Riverview, Our Alma Mater, Gladly Now We Sing Thy Praise.
We Shall Always Honor And Cherish, Loyal Voices Raise.
Black And Gold, Thy Noble Colors Hues Thy Banner Wave.
All Hail To You, Oh Riverview The Stronghold Of The Brave!

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