School Board

School Board

President  Mrs. Jennifer Chaparro (2019-2023)
Vice President   Mr. Brian Hawk (2021-2025)
Board Members   
Dr. Maureen McClure (2019-2023)
Dr. Melanie Pallone (2019-2023)
Mrs. Wendy K. Wilton (2021-2025)
Ms. Stefani Garibay (2021-2025)
Mr. Antonio Paris (2022-2023)
Mr. Ernie Tillman (2023)
Mr. Kareem Gahed (2023)

Education  Delegate

     Mrs. Wendy Wilton

Finance Delegates

     Dr. Maureen McClure

     Mr. Brian Hawk

Student Life Delegate

     Mr. Antonio Paris

Safety Delegate

      Mr. Brian Hawk

Communications and Marketing Delegate
      Mrs. Jennifer Chaparro

Forbes Road Delegate 
       Ms. Stefani Garibay

Legislative Delegate
      Dr. Melanie Pallone

Eastern Area Delegate 
       Mrs. Wendy Wilton

Board Secretary 
       Ms. Joan Wehner

Board Recording Secretary
       Mrs. Raney Zatawski

RSD Solicitors

       Mr. Falco Muscante (Maiello, Brungo & Maiello)

       Mrs. Christina Lane (Maiello, Brungo & Maiello)

School Board Treasurer  

       Mrs. Raney Zatawski

School Board Meeting Locations/Entrances

  • Verner Elementary Library - Please enter from First Street in the front of the building.  Head down the main stairs to the library

  • Tenth Street Auditorium – Please enter from the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the building through the front door

  • Jr-Sr High School Cafeteria – Please enter through the doors at the Cafeteria in the back of the building.

  • Jr-Sr High School Library - Please enter through the front doors.  Take a right down the main corridor and a left into the library.

School Board Agendas on BoardDocs (NEW!)

2023 School Board Calendar

Board Correspondence

The Board of School Directors prefers that all communications from the public be shared with the full board; however, if you wish to send a message to an individual board member, please make note of their email address below;


All school board correspondence should be sent to:

Mrs. Raney Zatawski
Board Recording Secretary,

School Board Treasurer

Riverview School District

701 Tenth Street

Oakmont, PA  15139

[email protected]


Board Members
Mrs. Jennifer Chaparro           [email protected]
Mr. Brian Hawk                       [email protected]
Dr. Maureen McClure             [email protected]
Ms. Stefani Garibay                [email protected] 
Mrs. Wendy Wilton                 [email protected]
Dr. Melanie Pallone                [email protected]
Mr. Antonio Paris                    [email protected] 
Mr. Ernie Tillman                     [email protected]
Mr. Kareem Gahed                 [email protected]

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