The Board recognizes that attendance is an important factor in educational success, and supports a comprehensive approach to identify and address attendance issues.

The Administration will report, to appropriate authorities, infractions of the law regarding attendance of students below the age of seventeen (17). The building principal will issue a written notice to any parent or guardian who fails to comply with the compulsory attendance law. Such notice shall inform the parent or guardian of the date(s) on which the absence occurred, that the absence was unexcused and in violation of the law, and that the parent is liable under the law for the absence of the student. In addition, the parental notification will state that further violation will be prosecuted without additional notice. The building administrator will also file charges with the District Magistrate.

The Board considers the following conditions to constitute reasonable case for excused absence from school:

1. Illness, including if a student is dismissed by designated district staff during school hours for health-related reasons.

2. Obtaining professional health care or therapy service rendered by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts in any state, commonwealth or territory.

3. Quarantine. 

4. Family emergency. 

5. Recovery from accident. 

6. Required court attendance.

7. Death in family. 

8. Participation in a project sponsored by a statewide or countywide 4-H, FFA or combined 4-H and FFA group, upon prior written request.

9. Observance of a religious holiday observed by bona fide religious group, upon prior written parental request.

10. College or postsecondary institution visit, with prior approval. 

11. Other urgent reasons, as approved by the school principal. Urgent reasons shall be strictly construed and do not permit irregular attendance.

12. Impassable roads 

13. Educational tours and trips, with prior approval.  

Please refer to Board Policy 204 for additional information.
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