RSD Summer Schedule
To conserve on energy and costs, the Riverview School District is closed on Fridays during the summer months.  Regular M-F office hours will resume on the week of August 12th.  If you need support, please leave a message or email and we will get back as soon as possible.  The first day for students is Thursday, August 22nd.  Have a great summer!

Senior Class

The Class of 2024 Senior Requirements 

Senior requirements must be completed before the upcoming senior interview, which will take place in late February/Early March 2024. 

Completing these requirements along with the Senior Interview itself will allow you/your child to earn the .5 Senior Transition Credit and be eligible for graduation. 

The list of all senior requirements is below.  Please contact Casey Rocchini with specific questions about your/your child's progress toward Senior Requirement completion.  It is imperative that you/your child complete these requirements using the student's Naviance account as soon as possible. While there will be time scheduled for many items during mentoring homerooms, some of the items must be completed outside of the regular school day.

The items in bold should be completed at this time - please check Naviance to determine whether or not this is the case for you/your child. The remaining items on the list have not been covered in mentoring homerooms this school year, so do not be concerned if you/your child has not completed these tasks yet - students will have the opportunity to complete and submit these tasks during mentoring homeroom lessons in the coming weeks/months.
  • Grade 10 - Complete 10th Grade Career Research Paper
  • Grade 10 - Complete Career Shadow #1 Steps 1-3 
  • Grade 11 - Complete Career Shadow #2 Steps 1-3 
  • Grade 12 - Mentor Lesson 3/4: Update/Upload Senior Resume
  • Grade 12 - Mentor Lesson 3: Upload your Senior Reference Sheet
  • Grade 12 - Mentor Lesson 4: Upload Evidence of Post-Secondary Planning
  • Grade 12 - Class of 2024 Volunteerism Records 
    • Important notes about Volunteerism Records: 
      • Students in the class of 2024 must log/upload a total of 15 hours of service (minimum) from grades 9-12 ahead of the Senior Interviews.
      • Students may have uploaded their hours of service from freshman through junior year already, as the goal is for each Riverview student to volunteer for a minimum of 5 hours per school year.
      • Regardless of the number of hours completed between grades 9-11, ALL students must complete and log a minimum of 5 hours of service during the 12th Grade school year.
      • The 9th-grade/freshman year hours have been waived for the class of 2024 due to pandemic restrictions, but if a student served in the community during this time, they are encouraged to log and upload this service.
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