Give Back Day

Riverview Students "Give Back" To Our Communities Through Volunteerism!

Each year, Riverview students in kindergarten through twelfth grade work with teachers and administrators to select and plan a classroom, grade level, group, or school wide activity that provides our students with the opportunity to “GIVE BACK” to the communities of Oakmont and Verona. Through volunteerism and signs of appreciation and gratitude, our students spend a day in January discussing ways to give back to our communities. During this time they create plans that they prepare to implement in the spring. The January time is aligned with Martin Luther King Day so that our students can take time to recognize Dr. King’s lessons and to follow his message of serving others. 

In May, a special day is designated on the School District Calendar as “GIVE BACK DAY”. This is when our students put their volunteer plans into action. Riverview students can be found cleaning up neighborhoods, spending time with senior citizens, sending letters to service men and woman, sharing their musical talents, working at the local food bank, helping out a local family, or participating in a variety of volunteer activities they deem as necessary to support our communities. 

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