Contact Information

 District Offices


701 Tenth Street
Oakmont, PA  15139
412-828-1800 opt 9
Fax: 412-828-9346

Dr. Neil English, Superintendent, x4080
Mrs. Raney Zatawski, Administrative Secretary to the Superintendent x4050
Mrs. Joan Wehner, Business Manager x 4020
Mrs. Allison Swauger, Payroll Clerk/Business Manager Secretary, x4030
Mrs. Judene Sykes, Business Manager/Special Education Administrative Assistant, x4010
Mrs. Cori B. Fye, Accounts Payable, Business Manager/Technology Administrative Assistant, x4040

 Riverview Junior-Senior High School


100 Hulton Road
Oakmont, PA  15139
412-828-1800 opt 6
Fax: 412-828-6296

Mr. Eric Hewitt, Principal, x1022
Mr. David Turk, Assistant Principal, x1021
Mrs. Maureen Kennedy, Secretary, x1011
Mrs. Kristina Stiner, Secretary, x1010

 Verner Elementary School 


700 First Street
Verona, PA  15147
412-828-1800 opt 8
Fax: 412-828-8086

Dr. Christina Monroe, Director of Special Education/Verner Elementary Principal, x3021
Mrs. Tracey Soilis Secretary, x3010

 Tenth Street Elementary School


901 Pennsylvania Ave.
Oakmont, PA 15139
412-828-1800 opt 7
Fax: 412-828-7373

Mr. David Zolkowski
Tenth Street Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator, x2021
Mrs. Rachel Pazman, Secretary, x2010

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