Principal's Message

Welcome to Verner Elementary School

Welcome to the Verner Elementary School experience. We proudly respect our past, prepare for the future, and are responsible for our present. The generations of students who have attended Verner Elementary moved on to become successful adults. If we wish to follow in their footsteps, we need to prepare our student to become responsible young adults when they leave behind their elementary school and move on to junior / senior high school. They will need to be ready to meet all types of challenges in the future. Our school hopes to provide many opportunities for our children to have healthy physical as well as intellectual experiences. Preparing for the future is always a little uncertain, because we never know what new events or inventions will change our lives. Instilling a joy for learning and creating inquisitive individuals is paramount. Once a person has an interest in learning more and has the tools to be able to teach himself or herself, that person will be able to accept any challenge that the future may bring.

In addition to academic learning and physical development, we hope that our students will appreciate the benefits of treating other people the way that they wish to be treated. We are all different on the outside, but inside we have the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Everyone deserves respect. Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone deserves a good education. Once we all learn to work together, everyone will be ready to respect others and be proud of Verner Elementary. 



Dr. Christina Monroe

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