Reading Specialist Support


The Riverview School District has a certified Reading Specialist in each elementary building and at the Riverview Jr / Sr High School. Our Reading Specialists are highly qualified teachers who aim to improve the students’ reading achievement through explicit skill-based instruction using researched based interventions that are selected to meet the specific needs of the students. Our Reading Specialists also serve as instructional leaders for the teachers by providing additional support and professional development opportunities for various instructional practices related to literacy.

Verner Elementary School
    Mrs. Lori Ruggiero 
    Mrs. Missy Arnett (Day 3, 4, and 5)

Tenth Street School
    Mrs. Marti Nese 
    Mrs. Missy Arnett (Day 1, 2, and 6)

Riverview Jr / Sr High School 
   (Grade 7-8) Mrs. Missy Arnett (Day 1-6)


If you need to reach any of the Reading Specialists, please contact them through their email or call them directly:

Mrs. Lori Ruggiero - [email protected] (412) 828-1800 x 3107

Mrs. Nese – [email protected] or (412) 828-1800 x 2142
Mrs. Arnett – [email protected] or (412) 828-1800 x 1072

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