The Riverview Enrichment Activities Program [REAP]
is part of Riverview's overall mission to provide an outstanding education to every student and to challenge every student to reach their full potential. REAP provides opportunities for students who demonstrate outstanding academic or creative ability, and also to those who express a commitment and interest in broadening their educational experience beyond the offerings of the regular curriculum. Riverview is committed to offering these opportunities to all students who are identified by interest or aptitude and are willing to meet the requirements for a given activity.
Activities and events sponsored through REAP include “push-in” initiatives in which gifted personnel work with content area teachers to promote authentic and engaging in-class activities that may be modified to meet the needs of individual students. The REAP program also offers students a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities. These include competitions, seminars, and academic games in math, the language arts, science and technology, social studies and critical thinking.
In addition to these project-based enrichment opportunities, Riverview School District offers a wide variety of curricular options including AP courses in many curricular areas, online courses, and Honors coursework in order to best meet the individual needs of students. Finally, Riverview's guidance and gifted support team encourage and support students' learning beyond the scope of the academic year through participation in summer camps, leadership seminars, and other academic pursuits during the summer break.




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