Riverview Elementary Students DOMINATE at 12th Annual Children's Choice Awards' Battle of the Books!

27 students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade represented Riverview with distinction on Wednesday, April 17th at the 12th annual Children's Choice Awards.  These voracious readers chose 4 (or, in many cases, more than 4) of 8 new books selected by the CCA committee.  They were required to read all 8 books or read at least 4 and write a multi-paragraph persuasive essay supporting the text they felt should win the award.  Students from all over Allegheny County read, voted, and gathered at the Commonwealth Charter Academy to celebrate reading!
The following students were RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, and READY as they listened to author Ann Burg, enjoyed a performance by Josh and Gab, and participated in a little competition.  Not only was their reading and writing spectacular, but all our Riverview teams also placed in the top 10 slots at the Battle of the Books section of the event!  The Riverview Readers took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place slots!  
Congratulations to Evelyn Decker, Jules DeLo, and Riley Graham.........1st Place
Ben Stimmel, Walle Sullivan, and Timo Viray......2nd Place
Ike Dawson, Cameron DiMascio, Bennet Liartus, and Leo Osborne...3rd Place
The other Reading Raiders included 3rd graders Elise Elson, Elsie Graham, Jael  Kinley, Rosie Smales, and  Catherine von Compernolle
4th graders: Matilda Auxier, Josh Folaron, Mila Jablonski, Bryce McCarthy, Abby Metzger, Elin Richman, and Addie Williamson
6th graders: Penelope Auxier, Brynn Fahey, Eli Folaron, Samantha Jackson, and Betsy McFadden
BY THE WAY: The Children's Choice Award winner was Lasagna Means I Love You by Kate O'Shaugnessy, and it’s available at both the Tenth Street and Verner libraries!
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