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At Home Instruction
Do you have questions or need help with the materials that were sent home? Ask your teachers!!! Your teachers want to keep your learning moving and growing. They are available through email whenever you may be stuck or don’t understand. All teacher emails are listed on the district’s website, under the schools tab, click on your school, then the faculty/staff webpage tab on the left hand side and then just scroll down to find your teacher’s name to click on. Just send them your questions or concerns and they will get back to you with your answers!

If you do not have access to email, feel free to contact your building principal.


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Jr High Classwork Menu's

Forbes Road CTC

Aaron, Daniel

Allen, Kristen

Andrulis, Todd

Arnett, Melissa

Biehl, Hal

Capsambelis, Mark

Carlin, Mark

Cecil, Catherine

Coffman, Laurie

DellaSala, Augie

DeLuca, Marlee

Evanchec, Erin

Gardner, Suzanne

Garrison, Glenn

Hart, Nathan

Hoch, Julie

Huselton, Dena

Ilnicki, David

Kubistek, Ken

Kvortek, Patsy

Libell, Jason

Lindeman, Robert

Lipko, Rachel

Lohr, Diane

Lorenz, Danielle

Ludwig, Brian

MacConnell, Michael

McNally, Michael

Morgans, Elizabeth

O'Malley, Ryan

Pegher, Brooke

Perrino, Joe

Poth, Rachelle

Rocchini, Casey

Rometo, Mario

Slencak, Michael

Smerdel, PJ

Spohn, Wendy

Stuart, Barbara

Swogger, Jill

Walsh, Michelle

Yanalitis, Kristine

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