School Clubs

Junior Senior High School
Student School Clubs 

Riverview High School students are encouraged to participate in various school clubs. 
These clubs reflect the interest of the students and include musical groups,

service organizations and hobby-oriented activities.

Club Sponsors

Chorus Nathan Hart 

Ecology Club - Brooke Pegher 

French Club - Rachel Lipko 

Gay Straight Alliance - Mark Carlin

History Club - Ken Kubistek 

Jr High Student Council - Missy Arnett

Jr. High Book Club -  Elizabeth Morgans 

Junior/Senior Class - Patsy Kvortek

Key Club - Michael MacConnell 

Model UN - Ken Kubistek 

National Honor Society - Ken Kubistek 
or Brian Ludwig 

PJAS - Brian Ludwig 

REAP - Mike McNally 

SADD - Michelle Walsh 

Spanish Club - Rachelle Poth 

Student Council - Michelle Walsh 

Yearbook - Dena Huselton 

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