School Board

School Board

President   Maureen McClure (2015-2019)
Vice President   David DiPietro (2015-2019)

Board Members  

Arlene Loeffler (2013-2017)

John Hackworth (2013-2017)

Dori Tompa (2013-2017)

Lisa Ashbaugh (2013-2017)

Alex DiClaudio (2015-2019)


Jon Nehlsen (2015-2019)

Jeanine Hurt-Robinson (2016-2017)

Chair Education Committee  
     Mrs. Lisa Ashbaugh

Co-Chairs Finance Committee

     Mr. John Hackworth and Mr. Jon Nehlsen 
Co-Chairs Student Life Committee 

    Mr. David DiPietro and Mr. Alex DiClaudio
Forbes Road and Legislative Delegate  

     Dr. Arlene Loeffler
Eastern Area Delegate  Mrs. Dori Tompa
RSD Solicitor 2017  Maiello Brungo & Maiello
RSD Treasurer Mrs. Linda Tamburro

School Board Meeting Agendas

Filling a Vacancy on the School Board – PA School Code Section 315

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Please Watch!

Future Sustainability and School Budgeting Considerations

The Board of School Directors prefers that all communications from the public be shared with the full board, however, if you wish to send a message to an individual board member, please make note of that in your correspondence and it will be forwarded accordingly.


All school board correspondence
should be sent to:

Mrs. Linda Tamburro,
School Board Treasurer

Riverview School District

701 Tenth Street

Oakmont, PA  15139


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