School Board

School Board

Back left to right: Jon Nehlsen, David DiPietro, Jeanine Hurt-Robinson, Ernest Tillman, Alex DiClaudio
Front left to right:  Lisa Ashbaugh, Maureen McClure, Arlene Loeffler, Freda Aughenbaugh
President   Dr. Maureen McClure (2015-2019)

Vice President   Mr. David DiPietro (2015-2019) 
Board Members   

Dr. Arlene Loeffler (2017-2021)
Mrs. Lisa Ashbaugh (2017-2021)
Mr. Alex DiClaudio (2015-2019)
Mr. Jon Nehlsen (2015-2019)
Mrs. Jeanine Hurt-Robinson (2017-2021)
Mrs. Freda Aughenbaugh (2017-2021)
Mr. Ernest Tillman (2017-2019)

Co-Chairs Education Committee  
     Mrs. Lisa Ashbaugh and Mrs. Jeanine Hurt-Robinson

Co-Chairs Finance Committee

     Mr. Jon Nehlsen and Mr. David DiPietro

Co-Chairs Student Life Committee 

    Mr. Alex DiClaudio and Mrs. Lisa Ashbaugh

Forbes Road and Legislative Delegate  
     Dr. Arlene Loeffler

Eastern Area Delegate 
     Mrs. Freda Aughenbaugh

RSD Solicitor  Maiello Brungo & Maiello
RSD Treasurer  Mrs.Linda Tamburro

School Board Meeting Agendas

Tenth Street  – Please enter from the Ninth Street side of the building through door marked #9.

Understanding the Budget Form


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2018-19 Proposed Final Budget

Riverview School District Budget Update April 10, 2018

2018 – 2019 Budget Development Update – The Challenge We Face More +

Riverview School District Budget Update April 16, 2018

Budget Update April 16th School Board Meeting 

School Board Meeting Locations/Entrance
Tenth Street Library – Please enter from the Ninth Street side of the building through door marked #9.

Verner Elementary School Library – Please enter through the doors at the South Avenue side of the building.

Tax Payment Clarification

Several residents have asked for clarification regarding pre-payment of taxes. The District has been provided with the following legal counsel. We hope this assists with your understanding.


• The county is the only taxing body given statutory authority to collect pre-payment of taxes. 


• The District taxes do not become due and owing until the duplicate is published which is the warrant to collect. 72 P.S. 5511.5. 


The School Code sets the time for provision of the tax duplicate and enabling the levy annually as on or before the first day of April.  24 P.S. 6-675.


• Section 72 P.S. 5511.15 – of the Local Tax Collection Law - provides that it shall not be lawful for any [tax collector] or any other person on his or their behalf to receive payment or give any receipt for payment of any taxes that have not been duly assessed. 


• The issuance of a duplicate and certification of an assessed roll for 2018 is required as a prerequisite for delivery of a tax notice. 72 P.S. 5511.6

Please Watch!

Future Sustainability and School Budgeting Considerations

The Board of School Directors prefers that all communications from the public be shared with the full board, however, if you wish to send a message to an individual board member, please make note of that in your correspondence and it will be forwarded accordingly.


All school board correspondence
should be sent to:

Mrs. Linda Tamburro,
School Board Treasurer

Riverview School District

701 Tenth Street

Oakmont, PA  15139


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