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Riverview Model UN Earns 5 Awards, Including Outstanding Small Delegation Award, At Northwestern Conference!
The weekend of April 11-14, 2024 saw the Riverview Model UN Team travel to Evanston, Illinois to compete at the 21st Northwestern Model UN Conference for its final travel conference of the year. The team of 8 students was comprised of all underclassmen who utilized this conference as a way to learn different skills and techniques to better prepare themselves for the 2024-2025 season. The conference brought together over 700 students from 40 schools from across the country and asked students to learn the history of the Aztec civilization, Philippine government, and Nigeria - Biafra War as well as solve the current problems of the refugee crisis and the global economy. The young team was very successful this weekend, being highlighted in the topic discussions and award consideration. The members of the team who competed at Northwestern were juniors Renton Biondich, Chiara Brun, Carter Loughren, and Drew Ogrodowski and sophomores Rocco Brown, Murphy Hawk, Aicha Jaafar, and Siddaly Sykes. Four of the students were recognized with individual awards for the weekend:
  • Drew Ogrodowski - First Place Best Delegate in the 1971 Pakistan Committee
  • Chiara Brun - Second Place Outstanding Delegate in the Tenochtitlan Committee
  • Carter Loughren - Fourth Place Verbal Commendation in the Nigerian Committee
  • Rocco Brown - Position Paper Award as the Portuguese Republic in the League of Nations.
  • The team also won the Outstanding Small Delegation Award for the conference as one of the top 4 schools in attendance. This is the third small delegation award that our team has won in four domestic travel conferences this year.

Congratulations to the team on a great weekend at Northwestern.  The awards at NUMUN XXI bring the team total to 53 for the year.  Sophomore and freshmen members of the team will compete at Duquesne on April 25 for its final conference of the 2023-24 season.