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March Town Hall Recap: Newcomb Volleyball Showdown!
We are so proud of our Junior High students for the way they handled a challenging week and ended it with a fantastic tournament. We loved seeing the teamwork, collaboration, sportsmanship, and kindness we saw throughout the day. We continue to see growth and maturity developing in our students.
For our third nine weeks tournament, homerooms went head-to-head in rounds of newcomb volleyball. We saw engagement and big plays by many members of each homeroom. Students used strategy and adjusted their game plans to make their way through the bracket. There was a huge matchup between Mrs. Whiteman and Mrs. DeLuca's homerooms that ended in a tie breaker that Mrs. DeLuca's homeroom ultimately won, which earned them a spot in the championship match. 
Mrs. Whiteman's and Mrs. Lynch's homerooms made their way through the redemption bracket and had a fantastic game that put Mrs. Lynch's homeroom in the finals. In the end, Mrs. Lynch's homeroom, the returning champs from our 2023 Newcomb tournament, came out victorious by beating Mrs. DeLuca's homeroom twice! Mrs. Lynch's homeroom earned 10 points, Mrs. DeLuca's homeroom earned 8 points, and Mrs. Whiteman's homeroom earned 6 points from the day.
We ended the morning with a quick head-to-head 8th grade and 7th grade tournament with combined homerooms. It was fun to see students bring out all their tricks in these low-stakes rounds.
Our day concluded with our March Town Hall, where we celebrated Student of the Month, Abe Smith, and our March group of Recognizing Raiders under the theme of hard work, extra effort, perseverance, and resilience (see list of recognized students below). Students competed in a bracket-style round of trivia and completed a bracket to go along with it. In the end, Mr. Biehl's homeroom was victorious, earning 3 points, and both Mrs. Evanchec's and Mr. Biehl's homeroom picked up two points each for the best brackets.
Prize Breakdown: 

VIP - Lizzy Loughren
3 points for homeroom - Natalie Kingera and Taylor Fest
Lunch with O'Malley - Isaac Mahaney
High 5 from O'Malley - Ella Brozak
Recognizing Raiders: 

  • Michael Aquino
  • Natalie Kingera 
  • Matt Mosco 
  • Maddie Martino 
  • Ella Brozak
  • Grace Landis – two teachers! 
  • Ava Iongi 
  • Bianca Chen
  • Owen Meals 
  • Elise Bear
  • Mia DelRosso 
  • Sawyer Peters 
  • Eleni Doas
  • Isaac Mahaney
  • Gabby Warner 
  • Ben Quinlan
  • Gianna Brenza 
  • Taylor Fest 
  • Lizzy Loughren