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Junior High Raiders celebrate their first Town Hall of 2023!
Riverview Junior High students had their first Town Hall on Friday, September 29. The seventh and eighth grade students radiated energy and excitement as they cheered on their peers. The following students were recognized as part of the Recognizing Raiders program under the theme of inclusion:

Le'Aurah Brown

Allie Costa

Emma DeLay

Eleni Doas

Saniah Gunter

Vanessa Hysong
Natalie Kingera

Joss Perkovich

Molly Kate Sikora

Milo Thomas

Lily Valasek

Rebecca Valasek

These students earned points for their homeroom, a t-shirt, and tickets for raffle prizes. After celebrating the group of recognizing raiders, each homeroom participated in a matching challenge. Students had to work together, compromise, and be inclusive when they matched which Super Mario character each homeroom selected. Ultimately, Mrs. Morgans homeroom was the winner with five correct matches out of eight.

The Junior High is looking forward to their next Town Hall on Friday, October 27 (also a tournament day!) where they will celebrate the next group of Recognizing Raiders under the theme of ready, responsible, present, and prepared.