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Riverview Jr-Sr High Hosts Student Wellness Fair!
On Wednesday, May 15th, Riverview Jr-Sr High School hosted a Wellness Fair! The fair was held during lunch periods so that students could have lunch and participate in the event. The wellness committee met and planned a comprehensive event for the students and staff over the course of the school year. This included specific suggestions from students involved in the committee, focusing on overall wellness. The different areas of wellness covered in the fair were stretching/mobility/ yoga, mindful/anxiety/stress reduction, nutrition, substance use disorder, hobbies/clubs, and military/teamwork/collaboration. Our students enjoyed the event and were excellent in their interactions with all vendors, as always! Thanks to the wellness committee for their tireless efforts to put together a special event for the students and staff.

Also, a HUGE thank you to the vendors that participated in this event to provide students exposure to all things WELLNESS!