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Riverview Model UN Earns Another 5 Awards at Duquesne Conference!
On Friday, Feb. 17, 24 members of the Riverview Model UN team attended the annual Duquesne University Model United Nations Conference. Our team included a determined set of ninth grade students willing to learn the Model UN process and an impressive group of upperclassmen focused on continuing our record-breaking year.   The day began with students negotiating policies to educate many regions of the world on issues such as rights to drink water and the effects of trafficking and ended with discussions of ways to solve the historical Suez Canal Crisis.  No matter the committee, our Riverview delegates made themselves proud by participating, listening, and proposing many ideas to help solve current problems.  

Once again, the team returned with awards, 5 students earning individual recognition at the conference.  

Callie Harden - First Place Best Delegate as Cambodia in the United Nations Human Rights Council

Kylie Longstreth - Second Place Outstanding Delegate as the United States in United Nations Human Rights Council

Alanna Wachocki - Second Place Outstanding Delegate as Poland in General Assembly 4 - Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee

The Duquesne University Model UN is one of the few conferences to award recognition to delegates for their performance in the overall conference (awarding a best delegate out of all of the students attending across all committees).  For the 4th straight year, Riverview had a student win the top award and in addition, this year we had a student win the second-place award as well.

Georgia Tsambis won the First Place Best Delegate for the entire conference as China in ECOSOC Asia

Naomi Girson won the Second Place Outstanding Delegate for the entire conference as Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Suez Canal Crisis room.

These 5 awards bring the team total to 41 for the 2022-2023 season!