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Riverview Wins Best Small Delegation, High Placements at Princeton Model UN!
The weekend of November 17-20 marked the first travel Model UN conference of the 2022-2023 school year for the Riverview team. Nine members of the team attended the annual Princeton Model United Nations Conference and competed against over 1,000 students from some of the top private and public MUN teams in the country. The students had a very impressive weekend, essentially winning the conference by earning recognition as the Best Small Delegation for the entire conference.  (The conference recognizes two schools as the best at the conference, one small and one large delegation).  The nine members of the Best Small Delegation Team are seniors Naomi Girson, Declan Hawk, Kylie Longstreth, and Olivia Wilton; Juniors Callie Harden, Cohen Hoolahan, and Georgia Tsambis; and Sophomores Molly Morrissey and Drew Ogrodowski.

Six students also won individual recognition for their work during the weekend:

Callie Harden - First Place Best Delegate as John Adams in the Second Continental Congress
Naomi Girson - Second Place Outstanding Delegate as The New Papal States in the Mars 2050 Final Frontier Committee
Georgia Tsambis - Second Place Outstanding Delegate as Sir Gawain in the King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable Committee
Kylie Longstreth - Third Place Honorable Delegate as East African Conferderation Kenya in the New Scramble for Africa 2035 Committee
Molly Morrissey and Drew Ogrodowski - Fourth Place Verbal Commendation as Algeria in the Arab League

Congratulations to the entire team on an amazing weekend! This competition brings the total awards for the team to 20 in two conferences this season. The team will next be participating at the University of Pittsburgh Model European Union in December and the University of Michigan Model United Nations Conference in January.

You all make Riverview Proud!