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Riverview National History Day Team Receive Honors in 2023 State Finals!
Over the weekend of April 22-23, a group of Riverview 9th and 10th grade honors history students travelled to the University of Scranton to participate in the National History Day State Finals where students competed against the top students and projects from all corners of the state of Pennsylvania. The weekend included presentations and conversations with judges about the student projects that were created to meet the 2023 theme of "Frontiers in History."  The students participating were sophomores Rosalie Krusinski (Historical Paper), Drew Hunter, Carter Loughren, Drew Ogrodowski, and Peter Sekel (Group Documentary), and Chiara Brun and Molly Morrissey (Group Performance) and freshmen Aicha Jaafar (Historical Paper), Sophie Meyers (Individual Exhibit), Rocco Brown, Emily Chen, and Clare Sliben (Group Documentary), and Rosa Lascola and Grace Johnson (Group Website).

It was a great weekend with five of the projects being honored with top 6 finishes in the state of Pennsylvania.  The winning projects and students were:

Chiara Brun and Molly Morrissey - 2nd Place Senior Group Performance entitled "Bayard v. Singleton: An Influential Court Case in Early America"

Rocco Brown, Emily Chen, Clare Sliben - 4th Place Senior Group Documentary entitled "The Double Standard: The Story of Rosalind Franklin"

Aicha Jaafar - 5th Place Senior Historical Paper entitled "A Woman’s Right to Vote: The Frontier Broken by New Zealand’s Suffragists"

Drew Hunter, Carter Loughren, Drew Ogrodowski, and Peter Sekel - 5th place Senior Group Documentary entitled "DNA Theory: The Creation and Controversy of the Building Blocks of Life"

Grace Johnson and Rosa Lascola - 5th Place Senior Group Website entitled "The Sun of Education in India"

In addition, for finishing second in the state, Chiara Brun and Molly Morrissey have qualified for and can choose to participate in the National Finals at the University of Maryland in June.

Congratulations to all of the participants!