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Riverview Senior Bri Long Wins Green 13 Leadership Award!
Brionna Long wins the Green 13 Leadership Award on Thursday, May 11, 2023.
Congratulations to Brionna Long for her selection among just thirteen athletes nationwide as a member of the 2023 GREEN 13 Leadership Award!
The Award was announced today by Lead ‘Em Up, a national organization providing resources and tools to athletic programs help build strong leaders and a thriving culture. 
Brionna, who often goes by “Bri,” was surprised on a Zoom call in the Riverview Junior-Senior High School gymnasium on Thursday, May 11.
“Our culture is built upon The GREEN Team,” said Jill Catanzaro, coach for the Lady Raiders Basketball Team. A player is Green when they uphold team standards established the first week of practice by the team. “Green” means you are exceptional or green like money. Throughout the season the team votes where their teammates fall: green, gray, and red (lacking effort). If a teammate upholds our team standards 90% of the time, she can get teammates votes to be GREEN verified. “Brionna was the first to get GREEN verified and was 100% GREEN the entire season!” Catanzaro exclaimed.
Catanzaro recalls a moment when Brionna was in 7th grade. Bri nicknamed Catanzaro “Chief.”
“She would be the first to ask, ‘Chief, you good? Need any help?’” Running late to practice, Catanzaro had to set up equipment on the court for practice drills.
However, she had a welcome surprise when arriving to the court: “My heart was overjoyed to walk in and see Brionna already finishing setting up,” she said. “When leaders ‘see a need, they fill a need,’” she said of Brionna.
We’re immensely proud of Brionna’s accomplishments and will miss her tremendously next season. However, we’re certain she’s bound for great things following graduation!