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Riverview Model UN Team Caps Phenomenal Fall Season with More Awards at Pitt Conference

On Friday, Dec 10 the Riverview Model UN team participated in the 17th annual University of Pittsburgh Model European Union. The event invited 170 students from 12 local high schools to discuss current topics of interest facing the European Union ranging from relations with the United States to the global climate crisis. After a long day of debate, 12 SRiverview students were recognized their participation at the conference, leading the team to 8 total awards for the day.  Students recognized are listed below:


Alanna Wachocki - First Place Best Delegate as Lithuania 


Hann (Moth) Morrissey and Declan Hawk - First Place Best Delegation as Hungary


Jo Schaaf and Ziad Jaafar - Third Place Honorable Delegation as Hungary


Kylie Longstreth and Renton Biondich - Third Place Honorable Delegation as Ireland


Xavier Bear and Jamie Favo - Third Place Honorable Delegation as Hungary


Cohen Hoolahan - First Place Position Paper


Declan Hawk - First Place Position Paper


Olivia Wilton and Drew Ogrodowski - Second Place Position Paper


The team ends its fall season of virtual conferences with 19 total awards! The team will now enjoy its winter break and return to action at the end of January with in-person conferences for the first time in nearly two years, the first taking place at Duquesne University on January 26, 2022.

Congratulations for such an incredible showing! You all make Riverview Proud!