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Senior Scholarship and Award Winners Announced


The Riverview High School annual Senior Athletic and Honor Awards Ceremony had a new look this year, as it was presented virtually. 

The closure of school buildings due to COVID-19 resulted in a one-of-a-kind show on May 6 that featured awards, video speeches, singing and a celebration of this truly extraordinary class. To ensure the show ran smoothly and as normal as possible, the link to the event was kept a secret until the original start time for the event. At 6 p.m. sharp, emails went out and social media posts went up as the event premiered. Students, families and all viewers were encouraged to make a nice dinner, have some hors d'oeuvres and watch as if they were at the Oaks Theater. It truly was a memorable experience! 

The video was a team effort that included high school principals Dr. Neil English and Mr. Eric Hewitt, as well as Mrs. Raney Zatawski and Mrs. Maureen Kennedy. Riverview parent Mr. Dave Longstreth added additional flourishes, including the music and transitions. 

Congratulations to the Riverview Class of 2020!

Award Winners

US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Music Excellence: Ms. Mikaela Collins

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Ms. Alyssa Cappa and Mr. Nicholas O'Toole

US Marine Corps Academic Excellence Award: Ms. Gillian Gaynor

US Army National Guard Award: Ms. Francesca Lio and Mr. Jack Harden

The Curtis J. Young Memorial Scholarship: Ms. Alyssa Cappa

The Donald F. Suchevich Memorial Scholarship: Mr. Mark McClelland

The Erica Ann Hower Scholarship: Ms. Angelina Pecora

The Fred And Sarah A. Favo Scholarship: Ms. Valerie Fiore

The Jan and Robert H. Shoop Scholarship: Ms. Annie Betler

The Verona-Rosedale Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship: Ms. Emma Galiardi and Ms. Elizabeth Principe

The Mora Scholarship: Ms. Mikaela Collins

The Oakmont Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Ms. Mikaela Collins

The Oakmont Community Foundation Scholarship: Mr. Cole Vazzana

The Oakmont Garden Club Scholarship: Mr. Erik Ketterer and Mr. Forrest Steele

The Oakmont Historical Society Class of 1956 Scholarship: Ms. Francesca Lio and Mr. Erik Ketterer

The Oakmont Lions Club Scholarship: Ms. Gillian Gaynor

The Oakmont-Verona Rotary Scholarship: Mr. Erik Ketterer

The Regis Hughes Memorial Scholarship: Ms. Angelina Pecora

The Riverview Athletic Association David Anderson Sports Award: Ms. Annie Betler, Ms. Francesca Lio, Ms. Mikaela Collins, Ms. Alyssa Cappa, Mr. Erik Ketterer

The Riverview Dance Club Awards: Ms. Emma Galiardi, Ms. Francesca Lio, Ms. Hannah Lowe, Ms. Molly McCague, Ms. Sydney McDonough, Ms. Kelsey Phillips, Ms. Emily Pietragallo, Ms. Marina Pietz, Ms. Gillian Racicot

The Riverview Education Association Award: Ms. Annie Betler, Ms. Gillian Gaynor, Ms. Alyssa Cappa, Ms. Victoria Zerbach, Mr. Richard Lyons, Ms. Marina Pietz, Ms. Elizabeth Principe, Mr. Joseph Flanick, Ms. Gillian Racicot, Ms. Emma Galiardi, Ms. Charleyne Meskel, Ms. Maya Watters, Mr. Luke Killmeyer

The REA Charles Erdeljiac Award: Ms. Valerie Fiore

The REA Ruth Alcorn Award: Ms. Haley Carlino

The Riverview Football Alumni Scholarship: Mr. Zach Hanlon

The Riverview School District Athletic Scholarship: Ms. Francesca Lio and Mr. Nathaniel Black

The Riverside Women's Association Scholarship: Ms. Mikaela Collins

The Tammy Preece Memorial Award: Ms. Gillian Racicot

The Women's Club of Oakmont Scholarship: Ms. Haley Carlino, Ms. Victoria Zerbach

The Verona Chamber of Commerce Scholarship in Honor of Charles McKinley: Ms. Maya Watters, Mr. Ian Burton, Mr. Chris Collins, Ms. Molly Collins, Ms. Emma Galiardi, Ms. Alexis Karalagas, Mr. Luke Killmeyer, Ms. Kayona Perkins, Ms. Alivia Schultheis, Mr. Justin Slebrich, Ms. Ashley Tigano

The Nelva K. Peffer Memorial Scholarship: Mr. Erik Ketterer

The Riverview Principal's Award: Ms. Aleah Walendziewicz, Mr. Jacob Shoop

The Riverview Challenge Program Awards: Mr. Tom Krusinski (attendance), Mr. Forrest Steele (STEM), Ms. Emma Galiardi (community service), Ms. Alyssa Cappa (academic improvement) and Ms. Marina Pietz (academic excellence)