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Riverview Recap April 13, 2020

Nobody could have predicted the quick and sweeping effect of COVID-19 (coronavirus) that has closed all schools in the state and forced a shelter-in-place order for our community from Governor Tom Wolf. When the unthinkable happened, our district was prepared and had a plan.

It seems like only yesterday when our hallways were filled with the delightful chatter and interactions of students and staff. As the pandemic continued to spread, our staff began to pivot behind the scenes to a plan that involved at-home learning so that our students could continue their education if the schools closed.

That came to be March 13 and, since then, Gov. Wolf has extended the shutdown through the school year. It was the “worst case” scenario, but one that we had planned for. Before and during this closure, remarkable things have taken place, including:

  • We have not missed a single day of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the planning, innovation and cooperation of EVERYONE, especially students and families. We even got to keep our Spring Break intact!
  • Our teachers and staff have put in countless extra hours and are working as hard as ever to ensure that our educational plans remain as preserved as possible. This included intense planning prior to the closure of schools and continued attention to future lesson plans, as well as taking in feedback and constantly striving to improve performance.
  • A Continuity of Education plan has been developed and posted to our website.
  • COVID-19 resources have been made available to everyone via numerous channels, including the website, Facebook, telephone calls, take-home sheets (while school was in session in our buildings) and more.
  • If necessary, individual technology needs were taken care of in the form of Chromebook computers and internet hotspots so that students could continue their learning online and remotely.
  • Our technology staff has been working diligently to keep the online learning running smoothly and troubleshoot issues if they arise.
  • School counselors have developed packets of crucial information that have been posted to the website.
  • Special Education and ESL learners are in constant contact with their educators to ensure their needs are being met as best as they can.
  • Meal distribution was in place at Verner Elementary the very first day that schools were closed. Since then, meal distribution has expanded to Tenth Street Elementary and the Junior-Senior High School.
  • Important news to keep everyone informed has been delivered through multiple channels to reach everyone, including the website, Facebook page, emails and telephone calls.
  • Continued planning of important events, such as graduation, prom and so much more, are still in the works at this time. They may take place at a different date or in a new way, but we are making every effort to make these important events happen.
  • We will continue to give 110% to ensure that our precious students are educated and celebrated no matter what! We are so proud of all of our students, families, teachers and staff who helped to pull all of this together. THANK YOU!