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Riverview Model United Nations Team impresses at Pitt conference
Congratulations to the Riverview Model United Nations team for a fantastic showing during its first competitive conference of the 2020-21 school year!

The 16th annual University of Pittsburgh Model European Union was held virtually and with over 180 students from 15 schools across the region.  While all conferences will be held virtually this year, the change in format did not deter the spirit of our team. 

Our team of 19 delegates, received accolades from the conference judges with the team of judges saying “how impressed they were with (our) students.”

The Riverview team won a total of seven awards at the conference and was instrumental in the flow of discussion that took place in each committee room!

The students recognized for their performance at the conference are listed below:

Eleni Wyrick – First Place Best Delegate for Denmark in Room 3
Taylor Billet and Alexis Allis First Place Position Paper for Denmark in Room 4
Lauren Hornsby and Alanna Wachocki – Second Place Outstanding Delegation for Italy in Room 4
 Beth Shoop and Olivia Wilton – Second Place Outstanding Delegation for Denmark in Room 2
Jakob Killmeyer and Liam McElligott – Third Place Honorable Delegation for Italy in Room 2
Hann Morrissey and Declan Hawk – Third Place Honorable Delegation for Romania in Room 1
Sydney Wilson and Naomi Girson – Third Place Honorable Delegation for Italy in Room 3 
Congratulations to the entire team for an amazing start to this altered school year! You make Riverview proud! 

The team’s next competition will be at the Duquesne Model United Nations Conference on Friday, February 5, 2021.