Oct. 12 Study Session Notes: Hybrid Learning Recommendation

Riverview School District School Board Study Session Notes October 12, 2020

To review Dr. English’s presentation in its entirety, please CLICK HERE. Below is a summary of important details related to the recommended hybrid model discussed at the Oct. 12 School Board study session meeting. This plan will be voted upon at the voting meeting that takes place at 7 p.m. on Monday, October 19th.

* The Riverview School District Administration and Staff will recommend a hybrid plan for students to partially return to the classrooms for the second nine weeks, which begins on Nov. 5th (end of 1st nine weeks is Oct. 29th, October 30th no school, Nov. 2nd, no school parent conferences, Nov. 3 no school, Nov. 4th first flex day at home, Nov. 5th first in person day for students)

* This is a slight variation to the “yellow” plan in the Phased Reopening Plan
The return to school survey was answered by 100% of families. The results were split roughly 75% in favor of a hybrid plan and 25% in favor of a virtual plan. The District will accommodate both hybrid and virtual learners, however, families are “locked in” and cannot switch during the second nine weeks.

* Epistemix (a public health data modeling company that has partnered with the District) has provided projection models outlining possible exposures of students and staff through January 1st of 2021. Riverview is the first school district in Allegheny County to utilize this free service. Epistemix representatives spoke at the meeting, and noted that there are 10 schools in their queue in Allegheny county and more expected. 

* In the proposed hybrid model, K-2 students would attend both Verner and 10th Street four days per week with Wednesday designated as a deep cleaning day. Teachers in these grades will teach virtual and in person students simultaneously.

* Grades 3-12 would be in-person two days per week (Groups to be split alphabetically by last names) scheduled for Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. Wednesday will be a deep cleaning day. Grade 7-12 teachers will teach in person and virtual students simultaneously.

* Grades 3-6 will be “departmentalized” to allow teachers to focus 100% of their instructional time on one group of students (in person and virtual).  This will mean that students in these grades may see an additional teacher or two.

* Students will not share desks or materials.

* Students will need to wear masks on the bus and within the building at all times, and follow all health and safety guidelines.  If a student has difficulty following the rules and guidelines, they may be asked to participate in virtual learning only.

* More buses will be needed to social distance and keep students safe. One student will be allowed per seat, with a seat in between riders.  The only exception being made is for family members who live in the same household. 

* Each school has unique constraints in regard to meals. Students at the Jr.-Sr. High will eat in desks in the cafeteria at 6ft of physical distance (and possible overflow spaces); Verner students and 10th Street students will be able to eat spaced out in the cafeteria, with possible overflow spaces designated as well.  Breakfast in the classroom will no longer be in the classroom, and will be provided to parents in alternate ways.  More information will be available on breakfast soon.

* Recess will be conducted, but will look slightly different. For example, an activity such as soccer will be encouraged rather than basketball or football in which children will repeatedly touch a ball with their hands and pass it around. Students will be in “pods” on the playground to keep them safe.  Students may go on walks as well.

* Ultimately, we will make the best and most informed decisions in order to educate the students, keep them safe, and work with our families as best as we all possibly can!

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