August 13 Town Hall Meeting Review

Dear Riverview Families, 


We held our second Town Hall meeting the evening of Thursday, August 13. In order to best communicate our plans, and to ensure all of our families are on the same page for the beginning of the upcoming school year, we are following up with a recording of that meeting, as well as a written recap. 


We would also like to thank all of our parents for their dedication to the education of their children and working hand-in-hand with us as we begin a school year like never before. By working in harmony with each other, we can ensure our children have a wonderful learning experience. As parents and educators, the children look to us for guidance. By remaining positive, respectful and kind, we can work together to take on this incredible challenge and give the children we care about one more important life lesson by way of setting a strong example. Thank you! 


To watch the Town Hall meeting recording CLICK HERE. To review public comments and our answers, CLICK HERE. A written report is included below. 


OBJECTIVES This meeting began with three goals in mind: 

  1. To leave with an understanding of the instructional model.
  2. To provide updates from administrators, teachers, special education and athletics.
  3. To provide clarity for the school year and answer questions related to that topic. 


DISTRICT-WIDE MODEL presented by incoming Superintendent Dr. English.

  • We will provide live, interactive instruction at all levels, K-12. 
  • Staff have been preparing for this and will continue training next week. 
  • This method will provide consistency and familiarity for the students, as well as opportunities to collaborate. 
  • The goal is to mimic a traditional school day, with the same start and end times. 
  • Students will log into Microsoft Teams where classes will be set up as Teams meeting in their respective calendar. 
  • Training opportunities for parents will be provided. For parents of students going into 7-12 grade, there will be a training this Tuesday, August 18, from 6-8 p.m. For parents of elementary students, a training will be available this Wednesday, August 19, from 6-8 p.m. Information for those training will be sent out early next week. 
  • Attendance will be counted. 
  • Grades are not pass/fail like in the spring. We are going back to our normal grading model. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open! Contact us if you have additional questions or if an issue arises later on. Here is the contact information for the building principals to direct your queries: 
    1. Mr. Hewitt: [email protected]
    2. Mr. Zolkowski: [email protected]  
    3. Dr. Monroe: [email protected]  


ELEMENTARY PLAN provided by Tenth Street Principal Mr. Zolkowski and teacher Mr. Hart

  • A schedule will be created to mimic a normal day. Students will login at 8:30 and attendance will be taken. Having a set schedule for each day will aide in providing the necessary structure for the kids to be highly engaged.
  • Each teacher will provide parents with a schedule. 
  • Teachers will connect with students for all subjects, including special areas such as physical education, music, library, guidance and art. The six-day rotation will continue to be utilized.
  • Staff will spend time with families getting them familiar with Microsoft Teams and provide training prior to the start of the school year. 
  • This will be more streamlined than in the spring and Teams will be the “home base” resource for daily information. Other applications may be used, but we have made a strong effort to reduce additional programs that may cause confusion to students or parents. 
  • Times will be scheduled for families to pick up materials, such as textbooks and computers. This will be done within the next two weeks. 
  • Class placements were sent out August 13. Check your mailbox!
  • If your child receives support in the form of pullout groups, we plan on offering those as well.
  • K-2 students will not have a personal login. Grades 3-6 will have a login. 
  • An hour will be blocked off each day for lunch/recess
  • Independent work time will be built into some classes to provide a break from the screen. 
  • Communicate with us! If something is not working on your end, work with us to get it fixed. 


JR-SR HIGH PLAN update provided by Principal Mr. Hewitt, high school teacher Mrs. Cecil, and middle school team leader and teacher, Mrs. DeLuca

  • The first few days of school will be designated for students to gather materials, such as textbooks and technology. 
  • Everyone should have their schedule. It was mailed earlier this summer and also posted in eSchool Plus. 
  • Students will attend class virtually by going to different Teams meetings in their calendars throughout the day. 
  • Teachers will take role for each class and provide live instruction. 
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be synchronous live learning days. 
  • Wednesdays is a flex day, and may have a combination of asynchronous and synchronous opportunities, to provide flexibility. 
  • Built in flexibility on Wednesdays to lessen screen time. 
  • We will be running clubs and activities as much as we can. Many of them can meet virtually. If we have the ability to meet in person, we will. It depends on the health and safety regulations at that point and time. 
  • Each day, students will cycle through nine periods during a six-day cycle, as normal.
  • Teachers will set up classes as meetings in TEAMS and students can just join in. 
  • At the Junior High, we hope to infuse socializations such as morning check-in before first period or homeroom session before or after lunch.  
  • Will offer breakout sessions and time to step away from the computer and work independently 
  • Mr. O’Malley has created fun videos about setting up a workspace, setting a schedule, organizing materials, etc. 
  • An updated supply list will be sent to support remote learning. 
  • Communicate with us! If something is not working on your end, work with us to get it fixed. 


TECHNOLOGY UPDATE presented by Director of Technology Mr. Rizzo

  • We are in the process of obtaining 1:1 devices for the entire district. Due to the incredibly high demand for these devices, our shipment is expected sometime in November. We do have enough on hand to distribute to everyone who filled out the technology survey or contacted us. 
  • All student classes will be loaded into Teams and be visible to students once logged in. 
  • K-2 students will not have to log in. it will take them directly into Microsoft Teams. 
  • We will be providing training for both our students and parents. Parent training will occur next week and we plan on recording that training so you can access it any time. Students will receive training during the first few weeks of school.
  • Microsoft will also be sending training videos for parents. 
  • After the initial instruction, teachers will remain online for the child to log back on with questions if they need assistance to complete their assignment


SPECIAL EDUCATION presented by Director of Special Education Dr. Monroe

  • Depending on IEP needs, some students will report to their building for in person instruction. IEPs have been reviewed to provide services and support to meet needs, whether that be in person or remote. 
  • Parents can choose to keep students at home. 


ATHLETICS UPDATE presented by Athletic Director Mr. Rometo

  • The athletics resocialization plan was posted on the district website
  • All plans follow CDC, state and county health and safety guidelines. Currently, athletes are limited to groups of no more than 50 (as mandated by the county). They are taking temperatures, disinfecting, social distancing and wearing masks as appropriate. 
  • Most teams are choosing to be outside, work in small groups and limit use of equipment. 
  • No positive cases have occurred.
  • Last week, Gov. Wolf issued a recommendation – not a mandate – to postpone sports until 2021. We are monitoring the PIAA and WPIAL response to this recommendation. At this time, the first day of fall sports is scheduled for August 24. 
  • If you have a physical form, please send to Mrs. Rice via email, mail or fax 
  • Updates will be provided as they become available. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

If you cannot attend the live training sessions, they will be recorded and made available. Here are the links to those training sessions, but remember, they will not be active until the date listed below: 


CLICK HERE for the Tuesday, August, 18 for grades 7-12

CLICK HERE for the Wednesday, August 19, for grades K-6

CLICK HERE for the agenda for both trainings

In closing, we are ready to be creative and innovative as we make new connections with our students. We will make the best of this situation to ensure it’s a great experience for all students! Keep in mind that this situation, as it has been since the spring, is incredibly fluid and plans can change at a moment’s notice due to outside factors related to COVID-19. We will communicate any changes as quickly as we possibly can and be as transparent as possible.


We truly believe this virtual learning model is in the best interest of the health and safety of our students, as well as our district staff. We are excited as ever to begin a new school year! 


Be safe, be healthy and be kind!

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