Superintendent/Parent Workshop – School Safety & 2018-2019 Budget Updates
Starting 4/16/2018
Event Groups:
• Riverview School District - Riverview School District Events
• Tenth Street Elementary - Tenth Street Elementary Events
• Verner Elementary - Verner Elementary Events
• Riverview JR SR High - Riverview Jr/Sr High School Events

A Superintendent/Parent Workshop will take place this Monday evening, April 16th, from 6:00 – 6:45 p.m. in Room 206 at Tenth Street Elementary School.

For parents who are interested in learning more about school safety at Riverview, Mr. Bob Rizzo, Director of Technology and School Safety, will share the 2017-2018 School District Safety presentation that he provided to the board and the public , during a school board meeting earlier this year.

Parents who have questions pertaining to school safety may send those questions in advance of the meeting, via email, to Linda Tamburro at ltamburro@rsd.k12.pa.us..  Every attempt will be made to provide as much information as possible on this topic.

Dr. DiNinno will also provide parents with an update on the development of the school district’s budget for 2018-2019.

Please be sure to contact Linda Tamburro at ltamburro@rsd.k12.pa.us to reserve a spot.

Those attending the meeting should enter from Ninth Street through Door #9.

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